Conquer the Road with the finest ESCORT® Radar Detector Redline 360c: Your Built-in Co-pilot

A vehicle on the open road with the sun on the horizon as an illustration to the way you can ride free with an Escort Radar Detector.

Conquer the Road with the finest ESCORT® Radar Detector Redline 360c: Your Built-in Co-pilot

Wonder what life would be like with an ESCORT radar detector? Picture this: you’re on the open road enjoying your drive as you embark on a new adventure; the road seems clear, but before you realize it, you’ve triggered one of North America’s 80,000 speed traps. Now, imagine having a trusty co-pilot by your side to help you navigate highways with unparalleled precision and awareness.

After arming your vehicle with the ESCORT Redline 360c radar, this imagined co-polit becomes a reality. This radar detector has redefined industry standards for performance and is your key to unlocking peak driver confidence. Whether you’re a newbie to radar detectors for cars or a seasoned veteran, the ESCORT Redline 360c radar detector is designed to suit all your needs and empower you with cutting-edge technology that is easy to use.

The ESCORT Radar Detector Offers
Power Performance Like Never Before

What sets this ESCORT radar detector apart from other competing radars in the market is its triple-antenna design that merges seamlessly with Low-Noise Amplifiers (LNA). This car radar detector possesses not one but two front antennas working in tandem with a rear antenna to provide you with a 360-degree detection range. This detection range is two times greater than previous models, according to ESCORT. The Redline 360c radar system is also equipped with Blackfin® Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to deliver extreme range with exceptional sensitivity to ensure you’re alerted well in advance.

The ESCORT Redline 360c additionally offers Auto Lockouts to make you invisible to law enforcement devices that try to sniff out your detector. This speed radar detector also has a built-in jammer to give you an extra layer of protection against laser-based speed enforcement. You will have all the powerful tools you’ll need to conquer the road.

Redefining What ESCORT Radar Detector Accuracy Truly Means

Accuracy is the backbone of performance, and ESCORT radar detectors demonstrate consistent accuracy. To accomplish this, the ESCORT Redline 360c utilizes its advanced false alert filtering system, which operates with built-in GPS and AutoLearn™ Intelligence. The AutoLearn™ feature learns your route to filter out pesky false alerts to help you avoid unnecessary distractions. The detector also taps into advanced detection technology to alert you only when cameras are pointed toward your route.

Many factors can trigger a car radar detector to go off, from Blind Spot Monitors (BSMs) to automatic sliding doors at a grocery store. However, the Redline 360c’s radar detector systems consider all these factors and introduced the K-notch feature, auto lockouts and low-speed muting to provide alerts only when they truly matter—resulting in fewer distractions — making for a safer and quieter drive.

The Redline 360c even accurately detects through hills, curves, and obstacles with no issues. If you need further proof of its accuracy, look to Tech Gear Lab, a renowned authority in tech evaluations, which has ranked the ESCORT Redline 360c as a top performer amongst other vehicle radar detectors.

The ESCORT Radar Detector Helps You Stay One Step Ahead with Real-time Crowd Sourcing

The ‘c’ in 360c represents the ESCORT radar detector’s unique connectivity with the road and other drivers. Thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi, you can connect to the ESCORT Live cloud-based app.The radar detector app connects you to the Drive Smarter® community, a network of drivers and detectors that spans the entire country. The app lets you and other drivers share real-time alerts to confirm speed traps, traffic light cameras, hazards, and traffic reports.

The Perfect ESCORT Radar Detector for both Experts and Beginners

ESCORT radar detector’s Redline 360c is the best radar detector for both beginners and experts alike. The device offers two user modes -advanced and novice. Advanced mode gives you control over any settings you’d want to adjust. If you wish for a more streamlined, hands-free experience, then the novice mode keeps automated configurations the same.

Besides being easily customizable, the Redline 360c is easy to read and navigate. Your trusty co-pilot sports an OLED display that uses arrows to point toward potential threats, so you’ll always be clear about where a signal is coming from. The display also includes other essential details like the band type, signal strength, frequency, current speed and speed limit. This ESCORT radar detector packs all these features that may seem daunting to beginners but are made effortless thanks to your preprogrammed driving companion.

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