HID Lighting & LED Lighting Specialists including Off-Road Systems

HID Lighting & LED Lighting Specialists including Off-Road Systems

HID Lighting & LED Lighting Specialists including Off-Road Systems

LED Lighting

LED lighting offer real advantages over other technologies. They won’t burn out, require no maintenance beyond normal lens cleaning, and produce light with a color temperature that is close to daylight.
LED lighting don’t just provide more illumination on the road ahead. They offer a unique look that makes a statement. So motorcyclists can roar through winding roads with confidence, and classic car connoisseurs can show off that ride with pride. It’s true that looks aren’t everything. That’s why these lamps are also built to last for the off-road adventurer who wants to cover new ground on the trail that never ends

LED Lighting Headlights

HID Lighting Headlights

HID Lighting

HID stands for “High Intensity Discharge”. HID Lighting Conversion Kit is the revolution concept in automotive lighting industry. The concept of HID lighting system is to produce high lighting output which are 3 times the brightness compare to traditional headlights. Upgrading to Xenon HID headlights will increase night time driving visibility instantly. You will feel much more confident behind the wheel when driving during night time.
There is no modification needed on the car in order to enjoy our premium hid headlights. Our trained staff will ensure the proper installation & safety of your vehicle for many years down the road.

Off-Road Lighting

Stay safe, light up the night-time horizon and avoid hazardous obstacles in any weather conditions. We offer a variety of Offroad Racing, Fog & Driving Lights for your vehicle, designed tough to handle any trail and in a variety of sizes to meet your offroading needs.
Our Systems offer everything you need to complete your dream build. Our lineup of rugged off-road lights come with a wealth of high-quality features; including powerful CREE LED technology, Aluminum housings, and weather proof designs! Available in traditional halogen, HID & LED for your specific requirements

Off-Road LED Lighting

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