7 Reasons to Install a Remote Car Starter

A vehicle parked on the top of a parking garage, in the hot sun, to illustration how a remote car starter can cool your car before you get in.

7 Reasons to Install a Remote Car Starter

With a press of a button on a key fob or smartphone, a remote car starter allows you to fire up your vehicle’s engine from a distance — like magic.

Remote starters, also known as keyless entry devices or RES systems, eliminate the need for traditional keys to operate the ignition and security system of a vehicle. Modern remote car starters, especially aftermarket ones, control much more than your vehicle’s ignition and climate controls. They also act as a core part of a vehicle’s security system. Here are seven reasons why you should consider giving your vehicle a remote start installation.

Reason 1: Remote Car Starters can be installed on most vehicles.

If your vehicle never came with an RES system from the factory, then don’t worry because a remote car starter, keyless entry, and alarm systems can be installed in most vehicles.

Some auto manufacturers offer OEM remote start installations but are often limited to specific models and transmissions built after 2005.

However, aftermarket remote start kit systems can be installed on vehicles that are older models, manual transmission, diesel-fueled, push-to-start and even “chipped” key anti-theft vehicles. Some car remote engine starters, like Viper remote start, come with fewer limitations and more features than typical OEM RES systems.

Reason 2: Get Longevity Out of Your Engine
& Gas Mileage with a Remote Car Starter

A remote car starter is designed to connect to your vehicle from a distance so that you may safely start and warm up your engine before even stepping into the driver’s seat.

Why is this procedure important? If you asked a fitness trainer if you should run a mile without stretching, they’d probably tell you that’s a bad idea. You’d probably get the same answer if you asked your mechanic if you should start driving right after turning the ignition, especially on a cold day. It is important to warm up the oil in your engine for optimal lubrication to avoid any unnecessary engine strain. Driving with a cold engine can lead to long-term damage and warping.

Not only will this procedure increase the longevity of your engine, but it’ll give you better gas mileage. That’s right. The extra time to heat your oil will improve fuel efficiency.

Reason 3: Vehicles with a Remote Car Starter Help Regulate a Comfortable & Safe Cabin

 A remote car starter begins to transform from a luxury to a necessity during Austin’s hot summers and freezing winters. Imagine always stepping into a car with perfect cabin temperature every time. No more rubbing your hands together for warmth as you wait for the car’s heater to kick in on a chilly Austin winter night; no more burning yourself on hot seats and steering wheels during Austin’s blazing hot summer. Instead, you can engage your car’s climate controls with the push of a button using a Remote starter.

While this feature certainly emphasizes comfort, it’s about safety too. Prepping your car’s climate using a remote starter for cars will eliminate ice from the windshield on snowy mornings or clear fog on rainy days to give you clear visibility before a drive.   

Reason 4: Remote Car Starter Installations Add Extra Security

Modern remote car starter and security systems optimize protection by working together to provide an extra layer of theft deterrent. Remote engine starters minimize a vehicle’s vulnerability to theft by allowing you to start and stop the car without leaving the keys inside. These devices also come with alarms to send any potential thieves running. These systems will send break-in alerts to your phone.

On top of peace of mind, remote start systems and security systems can lower car insurance premiums. Many insurance companies offer discounts to vehicles armed with anti-theft devices since it lowers coverage costs, according to Car and Driver.

Reason 5: Remote Car Starters Can Offer
Real-time Alerts and Advanced Monitoring

In addition to upgraded hardware, some aftermarket remote car starter and security systems include real-time monitoring software that can be accessed through a designated app. Some RES systems will use cellular Wi-Fi to integrate your smartphone as a transmitter to grant control of a paired car from anywhere in the world. Built-in GPS can be utilized to always track the location of a vehicle.

You can opt-in to receive alerts when the paired vehicle exits or enters designated areas. If you’re an employer monitoring company vehicle, these systems can keep you informed on driving habits by reporting speeding, hard braking, excessive acceleration and aggressive cornering. The system will also automatically log the vehicle’s route history and report time driven, starting and ending addresses and distance traveled.

In the event of a collision, Impact Detection Alerts will immediately notify you of the collision’s time and location. Diagnostic Trouble Code explanations will help diagnose engine deficiencies. In cases where a vehicle can’t safely operate, remote start brands like Viper offer a 24-hour roadside assistance program to help anyone in their time of need.

Reason 6: Many Remote Car Starters are Backed by Warranty

High-grade aftermarket remote car starter for cars demonstrate value, with most systems offering warranties that last as long as you own the vehicle. Since a remote start is considered a vital component of any vehicle, it’s worth investing in a system that provides a proper warranty—giving you extra reassurance and value embedded in the device.

Cheap remote engine start systems have flimsy warranties that shouldn’t be relied on. Take it from John Ibbotson, chief mechanic at CR’s Auto Test Center, who said, “Stay away from cheap remote-starter systems you can find online, and don’t try to install one yourself—you’re just asking for headaches.”

Reason 7: Remote Car Starter Systems Can Boost Vehicle Resale Value

Proper remote car starter installations hold their value and are a desirable selling point that will typically boost a vehicle’s market resale value. This is especially true for those living in areas like Austin, with cold winters and hot summers. Even if you sell privately or to a dealership, you will likely see a return on investment after installing a car remote starter kit.

Speak to an Expert Install a Remote Car Starter Today

Remote car starter systems are core components of a vehicle, so it’s important to turn to professionals when seeking the best remote start installation, said Kelly Blue Book. If installed incorrectly, tampering with the vehicle’s modules could cause thousands of dollars in damage.

Our trained professionals at Sunshades Tint & Sound will ensure your installation is done right. In fact, we install remote start systems on all types of vehicles for dealerships in Austin, TX, so we are a company you can trust with your own vehicle. Contact us at (512) 249-8468 to talk to one of our professionals so you can experience unparalleled protection and convenience.

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