Car Audio & Tint Services

Car Audio & Tint Services


Offering car, home, and business window tinting services. We have several options to protect you from the sun's harmful rays such as UV Protection at 99.9%.

From a standard dark to a Ceramic light. With up to 97% infrared heat reductions available.  Don’t be fooled by the imitation ceramic films being offered all around us. Feeling is believing! We can’t make you feel the difference. We can show you them though.  Take our shop tour, see our difference.  Quality is never accidental. Our window film techs are ready to assist you with your selection.


Let us consult and design the system you would like. Stop by for the best deals on car audio installations and products. We carry the latest technologies you need like Bluetooth phone and streaming audio.

Add our DSP Package to align the frequencies. Oh how the days have changed as that simple install could cause serious issues if not completed properly. Call us today and talk to our specialists.


Radar Detectors: Have you ever got a speeding ticket?  Would you of liked someone else to pay it?  Ask us about our ultimate Radar packages. We carry Escort and K40 Radar Detection Systems.

Dash Cams: Dash Cams are your own personal protection against the unlikely change of story accidents. Your own witness. We sell the best available in the BlackVue 2Ch Wifi Dash Cam. Get yours right here in Austin today.

Back Up Cameras: Protect yourself and your kids. We specialize in adding cameras to vehicles without wires hanging everywhere.